Trustee Investment Review Service

The introduction of the Trustee Act 2000 has resulted in a greater duty of care on trustees to ensure that the investments held within a trust are managed in the best possible manner. Where appropriate, trustees must thereby seek and implement the best investment solutions on offer.

In order to comply with the Act, Trustees have a Duty of Care to:

  • Invest as if you are absolutely entitled to the asset
  • Ensure the suitability of the investment vehicle
  • Consider the tax effectiveness of the investment
  • Ensure investments are sufficiently diversified
  • Consideration of size and risk profile of trust
  • Obtain and consider proper advice
  • Regularly review the trust investments

Our Trustee Investment Review Service has been designed to ensure that trustees carry out a detailed review of the investment portfolios and to ensure full compliance with the Act. We will ensure that a suitable portfolio and ongoing review service is in place meaning that the trustees comply with their duties and that the beneficiaries needs are met in the most appropriate manner.

It is of paramount importance that the beneficiaries are in the most advantageous position in accordance to the needs and objectives of the trust, and therefore great emphasis must be placed onto expertise in financial planning.

We will ensure that:

  • A full audit trail is kept
  • There is an appropriate level of diversification of the portfolio’s assets
  • Expert advice is given to the placing of funds based upon a full analysis of the circumstances and objectives
  • Risk is managed appropriately
  • Tax efficiency is maximised
  • Regular reviews are in place